Jade Roller for Health and Beauty – Your Facial

Have you ever seen one of these Chinese Rollers?

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Double Jade Roller

This is a double roller used for the face. We also have rollers for the arms, legs, and torso, as well as, the feet. The double jade roller has a regular sized roller and a smaller roller. The regular one is perfect for the wider planes of the face. The smaller one makes it easy to get around eyes and nose.

Using the roller regularly will improve complexion, reduce wrinkles, and firm the skin while highlighting cheek and jaw structure. At Holistic Health Care – Studio City we offer a half hour .Touch of Jade Lymphatic Facial using the jade rollers.  Not only will this be your favorite beauty treatment, but it is good for the health of your whole family.

A Jade Roller is your best facial tool. All natural!
Jade Roller Facial

The Touch of Jade Lymphatic Therapy moves the lymph at a faster rate of flow. Thus it is an excellent superficial lymph drainage. This is especially useful during flu and cold season. Lymph drainage of throat and face will reduce sinus congestion and improve the body’s natural ability to fight infection. As doctor’s no longer recommend cold medicines for young children the rolling, along with the use of a neti pot, is a Mother’s best tool for family health. When ordering a neti pot use code “Dan631” for your discount savings.

If you want to do the jade rolling yourself, this video should be helpful.

good, Feel good, Enjoy!


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